General Rules (Apply to discord and MC)

Minecraft Rules

Account Sharing

Client Modification Guidelines

Allowed Mods:

Disallowed Mods:

Anything that provides a significant advantage over a vanilla player
Hacked or Utility Clients
Seed Cracking Mods
Health Indicators
Radar Mods
Any minimap that displays entities is not allowed
Any minimap that displays caves is not allowed
Inventory Organization Mods
Non vanilla block placement
No Fog, vanilla no fog is allowed (‘Video Settings’ Press the ‘Details’ tab. Find the ‘Fog’ button and cycle through the options until it is ‘Off’)
Item Scroller Mod


Bans normally start at 7 days but this may vary depending on a number of factors. Ban evading will result in an increased or permanent ban. Mutes will be given by staff depending on the severity of chat violations. Mute evasion will result in an extended mute.